Sunday, 7 March 2010

group writing exercise: Ed

We were lucky to have Ed Atrill to join us for the group writing exercise. Here are his responses:

Attempt 1: 4 Minutes

Take not by that end the other one there you go like that you act as if you never held one before

What is it exactly

It is a universal debris trapper and transporter with a beach wood shaft stainless steel radials and plastic hand grip.

You mean a rake?

Yes but you asked me what it is exactly and I told you exactly what it is

Right so what do I do with this rake...thing

You see those piles of leaves. I want you to sweep them up into an even carpet that covers all the grass.

Attempt 2: 2

Take this. Or that. It doesn't really matter to me you see either way you'll have to choose something but which one. I can see you're still undecided your eyes frantically sloshing from one choice to the other. So many feelings to consider - size, depth, breadth, price, tax, transparency, consistency

Attempt 3: 1 Minute

Take this...go on, you no you want to. its all shiny and i'm pretty sure its got chocolate in it somewhere, probably in the middle of it, yes thats usually where the chocolate lives.

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