Tuesday, 16 March 2010

A tower of memories

I saw this short film and thought it was really relevant to that concept of building a tower of memories. I like the wall of photos, reminds me of Up, which I suppose is also about holding onto memories.

Also, it's just a bit beautiful.


In my dream after seeing this I was trying to capture/ take hold of my stream of consciousness; everything I thought of I tried to hold in an image. Then through my dream/sleep I was carrying a string of images which sometimes seemed like a wobbly tower and sometimes like a row of washing all tied together,and I kept trying to reflect,look back,make sure I still had all the memories. It was a kind of anxious recollection, as if I knew I wouldn't remember-like trying to say my lines when I definitely haven't leart them. I could never really see what the images were, and though I thought I'd collected all my thoughts, when I woke up I remembered nothing...apart from this.

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