Tuesday, 2 March 2010

A Link or 3...

...Which you may find interesting towards the then and now concept, zefrank does a competition on his website in which he gets people to recreate poses of childhood photo's. See it here.

As well, for one week more on iplayer as part of a series, a series on Radio 4 about letters from young kids in the 60's as a part of an experiment being looked at by them now. Here's the link, and below is the blurb:

Forty years ago, 14,000 11-year-olds across Britain were asked to write about where they saw themselves in the future: their jobs, family lives, belongings, living environments and leisure pursuits. Those essays have now been followed up by the Nuffield Foundation as a way of finding out how far ambition at an early age shapes what happens in later life.

This is the first time that media access has been granted to those who have taken part in their research. As well as evidence of ambition the essays offer detail about how youngsters imagined life would be at 25, with one writing, 'My husband would have just won 200 pounds so we decided to go to the moon for our holiday while we had not got any children.'

The series covers jobs, family lives, living environments, leisure pursuits and belongings that the children imagined owning when first studied. The findings suggest that children who are ambitious go on to enjoy greater success than those with lower aspirations. Once background and ability were accounted for, children did better if they set themselves lofty goals.

It reveals that, even if a child is economically disadvantaged or less able, having high ambitions at around the time they leave primary school means that they are significantly more likely to have a professional job, though not necessarily the one that they predicted.
Broadcast on:
BBC Radio 4, 9:30am Tuesday 2nd March 2010
Finally along the same lines, check out this flicker page of photos from the past compared to the buildings now, which is here

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