Thursday, 25 March 2010

Writing exercise: Rachel, This Year in minutes...

apologies for the delay. may have slightly misplaced my writings, but I discovered them like a lost treasure and now you get the pleasure of experiencing them! yaaaaay!

4 minutes
"This year I've been pretty much the opposite of what I resolved to be - not that I'm not happy - at the moment I love the way I live - it's not healthy and clearly it's detrimental to my work - but my marks haven't noticeably changed. Which is somewhat depressing. Apparently the amount of effort I put [sic] doesn't actually have any impact on end [sic] product - my grades are too similar to warrant the month's work I put in. This year, one resolution I'm making now - having made it half arsedly many times before - this time it's official - despite being 2 months and 7 days late, I'm going to get more sleep. I need to be able to concentrate more, my skin's better if I sleep properly - my body can't really make it more obv"

2 minutes
"This year I've been somewhat detached from reality - I've been at uni - the obvious bubble - and I've been so busy I've barely spoken to my parents, in fact I need to call my dad today. But it means I don't think about the lovely house that's not my home - that we're leaving on friday - after I changed my 'home address' details a year a go [sic] - I've only lived in that house a total of a month. To Dorset"

1 minute
"This year I've been mostly eating baked beans. That's just a lie. I hate baked beans. I have to always make a multitude of BREAKFAST BAPS (£1.90) unbelievably early on a wednesday morning."

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