Sunday, 7 March 2010

group writing exercise: Ben

We did a writing workshop this Sunday using group writing techniques. Each cast member was given a few words to begin with (such as "I've collected", "take this" and "this year I.."). Everyone had to write for 4 minutes without stopping. We'd all read them out. Then we repeated the exercise with a duration of 2 minutes, and again with 1 minute. We'll publish all the results on this blog. Here are mine.

Attempt 1: 4 Minutes
Tall buildings I walked past one day the sun shines of glass windows a lady in a window watering a flower pot she sees me briefly for a second and then looks away twitching curtains an eye through a hole camera shot snap instant 60th second recorded moment photos of a tree taken every month for ten years you watch it grow little blur beside one picture girl running skipping rope jump over playground noises and roundabouts here we go round the mulberry bush dinner bell woman in blue tabbard waves me in a snapshot of a blue school I jumped off that roof there once. We drank fink brau and made promises we'd never keep but it was

Attempt 2: 2 Minutes
Tall buildings with windows that I look through, secretly. 6x4 windows like photographs. A building built of photographs. All the things i've seen. All lights, all lives. Towerblock. Hi-rise. A building of all the things i've experienced. Except all the things i've really experienced. They hide in little drawers out of sight.

Attempt 3: 1 Minute
Tall buildings made of photographs. Windows like little portals. I see myself again and again. Too many. I don't want to go's too tall. I pre

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